Monday, October 31, 2016

Action Alert: Stormwater Ordinance at City Council Tuesday

Tuesday, Nov 1, Public Hearing at 7 PM in Raleigh City Council Chambers
Subject: TC-2-16, residential stormwater exemptions and limits

  • Did you know that the City of Raleigh currently does not have an ordinance regulating the control of drainage water from new construction in older residential lots? 
  • Did you know that there is no limit at this time to the amount of impervious surface allowed in infill construction?

This is why so many older neighborhoods, and existing homes, are being affected by new drainage problems, why our creeks are showing red clay runoff, and why so much vegetation can be replaced by concrete. This has been an expensive problem for many unsuspecting homeowners.

A Text Change to the Unified Development Ordinance is ready to be presented to the City Council this Tuesday at a public hearing. Ordinance TC-2-16 is based on the recommendations of the Stormwater Management Advisory Commission, who began their work in 2013 at the recommendation of the City Council. This year the recommendations on impervious surface limits for infill construction have been reviewed in the Planning Commission, who recommended this text-change, and discussed at "stakeholder" meetings between residents and the builders, facilitated by the Stormwater Division.

There are a few details that either perspective would like adjusted, but the urgency of getting code in place to protect all homeowners NOW is foremost.

The updated text of the change can be found here,

What you can do:

  • Please write the City Council today and say YES to TC-2-16. 
  • Plan to attend the public hearing tomorrow and show your support for regulations. 
  • Consider telling your story at the hearing if you have been affected by this problem. 
If you intend to present, the City will need 12 copies of your pictures to pass to the Council and officials. Comments must be concise and take less than 3 minutes. Do not be repetitive to others comments. 

If you cannot attend, but have a story to share, please write the council today so that they may consider your viewpoint in their deliberations. Be concise, and share a picture if you can. 

Click here to write your City Council

YES to TC-2-16 now!