Thursday, April 7, 2011

The UDO Consolidated Draft is HERE

The UDO Consolidated Draft is now available at:

Let the conversations begin at

How to use to review and comment on the Draft:

If you have not created an account yet, just go to and click "Create new account" in the "User Login" block in the left sidebar. When I approve your account, I will assign you the role of blogger, which will give you access to a "Blogger Menu" in the left sidebar. To get started, click on the "Help" link to get instructions for creating, revising and deleting a blog. If additional help is required, let me know and I will update the help page.
The objective is to get each blogger to dedicate some time educating  and critiquing a specific regulation for the public...hopefully, something that is of significant interest to the blogger. Once you have decided what you want to blog about, please let me know. This process can be most successful if we blog about many different regulations.
When you visit the website, you will see lists for the major sections of the UDO and a list of hot topics. I expect the list of hot topics to expand as the review begins. When you identify a new hot topic, send it to me so I can add it to the list.
As each blog gets published, notifications go out to RaleighUDO's Facebook and Twitter webpages. Please encourage folks to link to these social media webpages so we inform and engage as many people as possible during this two month review period. The RaleighUDO website provides the easiest access to the social media webpages.

--Phil Poe