Monday, October 19, 2015

Please Write Mayor Today 10-19-15

Dear Neighbor:

The issue of connecting Country Club Hills to the Glenwood Place development is an issue that could affect any neighborhood bordering a new development.
Present zoning rules require a development to connect its streets with the streets of an adjoining neighborhood.  Currently, only City Planning staff can make an exception to this rule.  Text Change 8-15 would allow the City Council, our elected officials, the discretion to also make an exception to this rule.  This change will authorize the City Council to be involved in making decisions whether to require "connectivity," an authority it does not now have.  Without the passage of Text Change 8-15, the City Council will not be able to change a decision by City Planning staff regarding "connectivity."
Over two months ago Text Change 8-15 received unanimous support from City Council, was then referred to the Planning Commission, which approved it, and sent it back to Council for a final decision.  Two weeks ago the discussion broke down and now City Council is split over whether to adopt Text Change 8-15.
If you want City Council to have the possibility to make a decision regarding connectivity, or more plainly, if you want City Council to have any control over a potential cut-through into any  neighborhood then you need to contact Mayor McFarlane today, ahead of tomorrow’s vote at 12:45 (Tuesday, October 20th) and ask her to support the Text Change as she appears to be the deciding vote.  If you personally know other Councilors please ask them to support the Text Change too.
Please email Mayor McFarlane today with this message:  Mayor McFarlane, Out of concern for neighborhoods and the issues that affect and make each unique, please vote yes to adopt Text Change 8-15 into the UDO to give City Council discretion concerning connectivity between a neighborhood and a new development.  

Thank you and please share this information with your neighbors.  Also, things may soon speed up and you will receive more emails.

From Country Club Hills Committee for a Sustainable Neighborhood