Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Grow Raleigh Great

SCALE would like to introduce Grow Raleigh Great to our neighbors. We have met with these fine folks who are working behind the scenes to keep all neighborhoods in the loop about growth issues in the city. As such, they are endorsing using current technology to increase communication and civic participation, and more accountability between our city councilors and citizens. The attached letter from this past weekend will provide an overview of their work so far and a way to get on their mailing list. SCALE will post announcements to this SCALE Forum for larger news stories, but we strongly recommend you sign up with them to keep up with current events. Together we DO make a difference. 

July 18, 2014 
Hello everyone, 
Grow Raleigh Great began just a few short months ago out of concerns about the UDO and how it fails the Comprehensive Plan.  As you all likely know, a lot has happened in those months including ongoing public discussions with the City's Comprehensive Planning Committee.  This past Tuesday those same concerns were introduced to the full Council during their lunchtime work session.   
Discussions will continue and we are looking forward to a full hearing about these issues in the near future in City Council Chambers. 
In the meantime Grow Raleigh Great is looking forward to grow Grow Raleigh Great itself.  We have been and will continue to reach out and meet with other neighborhood groups, civic organizations, CAC's, and anyone willing to have a rational discussion about future development and the future of this great City.  
To date Grow Raleigh has a web forum.  All of you receiving this email are members of that growing forum.  A short-term goal is to have several hundred members within a few weeks if possible.  So, please tell all of your friends about the web forum.  In the long-term there is no reason why the forum could not grow to several thousand.  Instructions for joining the web forum can be found on the Grow Raleigh Great website at 
And, yes, Grow Raleigh Great has a website at the aforementioned address.  We will be updating the website with a lot of new content.  So, be sure to check it out on a fairly regular basis. 
For those of you on Facebook, we have a Facebook group.  At this time the Facebook group has a relatively small number of members.  Again, we would like to grow this group as well.  So be sure to tell all of your friends about us on Facebook. The Facebook group can be found at 
Lastly, we will be preparing the first Grow Raleigh Great newsletter.  The newsletter will be a professionally produced document loaded with stories about development, the UDO, the Comprehensive Plan, and focus on City decision makers and the development process.  If you have ideas for a story or would like to contribute as an author, please contact us!   
Grow Raleigh Great can always be reached at our email address:  Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions.  We are all amateurs with busy lives, jobs, and families.  The more help the better. 
Thank you all for your patience and support as we Grow Raleigh Great. 
David Cox / Grow Raleigh Great