Monday, June 30, 2008

NCOD VOTE at City Council: July 1, 1:00 pm

SCALE supports this NCOD. Notes to the City Council and Mayor, and/or attendance at the meeting, are needed.

1. TC-4-08 - Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District
The Committee recommends upholding the Planning Commission's recommendation for approval of TC-4-08 as outlined in CR #11209 with the following changes:
a. In paragraph (2)b. on page 5 of the ordinance, removed the underlined language so as to reflect the original proposal as presented at the March 18 public hearing. (To not require immediate notification to all property owners if the Council initiates a neighborhood analysis, at the applicant's expense.)
b. In paragraph (2)f. on page 6 of the ordinance, revise the text to reflect the original proposal as presented at the March 18 public hearing. (To not require the property owners of an existing NCOD to file a new rezoning if the neighborhood built environmental regulations are revised or amended.)
A copy of the revised ordinance is included in the agenda packet.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wake-Up Transit Forum: Thurs June 26

You are invited to attend the upcoming forum on transit in Wake County,
titled "Transit: Is Wake County Ready for It?" on Thursday, June 26, at
NCSU's McKimmon Center from 7pm - 9:30pm. The keynote speaker for the
forum will be Carol Coletta, CEO of CEOs for Cities and host of Smart
City Radio. We will also hear from Keith Parker with Charlotte's CATS
system, and a panel discussion of local business and community leaders.

This forum is being sponsored by a coalition of community partners that
include Downtown Housing Improvement Corp., North Carolina Conservation
Network, Raleigh-Wake Citizens Association, Capital Group Sierra Club,
Society for Women Environmental Professionals, WakeUP Wake County, and
the WTS NC Triangle Chapter. Please go to the WakeUP website for more
details. We think the evening will be very thought-provoking. We hope
you will be able to attend.

Information about Carol Coletta:

To register:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

NCOD on City Council Agenda: June 17, 1:00 pm

NCOD on the agenda for this meeting. Neighborhood support needed.


. . .

1. The Planning Commission recommendations on the following items were unanimous. The Council may wish to consider these items in the same manner as items on the consent agenda. Items marked with one asterisk (*) beside the Certified Recommendation number are located within flood-prone areas. Items marked with the pound sign (#) beside the Certified Recommendation number are located within the Falls Basin or the Swift Creek Watershed Protection Area. Items marked with the plus sign (+) beside the Certified Recommendation number indicate special conditions for stormwater management. Items marked with (VSPP) beside the Comment indicate that a Valid Statutory Protest Petition has been filed. **Denotes Drainage Basins
CR Number Subject Vote Recommendations Comments
1 CR-11206 Z-15-08, 30-day Time Extension 9-0 Approval Lake Boone Trail, north side
2 CR-11207 CP-3(A)-07 10-0 Approval US-70 West Collector Streets
3 CR-11208 CP-4-08 11-0 Approval Interim Downtown Framework
4 CR-11209 TC-4-08 11-0 Approval Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District
5 CR-11210 SP-12-08 10-0 Approval Powerhouse Plaza

1. Z-15-08 - Lake Boone Trail, north side, west and east of Landmark Drive intersection - 30-day Time Extension
This request is to rezone approximately 34.29 acres, currently zoned Residential-10. The proposal is to rezone the property to Office & Institution-1 Conditional Use District.
CR-11206 from the Planning Commission recommends that the City Council grant a 30-day Time Extension for additional review by the Planning Commission.

2. CP-3(A)-07 - US-70 West Collector Streets
This Comprehensive Plan amendment is to consider the appropriate location of collector streets between Lumley Road and Toyota Drive in US-70 West Corridor Plan in the Umstead Planning District. Amendments may also include the Arterial, Thoroughfares & Collectors Plan of the Transportation Systems Plan.
CR-11207 from the Planning Commission recommends eliminating the collector street network between Lumley Road and Toyota Drive south and southwest of Glenwood Avenue.

3. CP-4-08 - Interim Downtown Framework
This Comprehensive Plan amendment proposes to supplement the body of approved existing plans, policies, and guidelines until the new Comprehensive Plan is adopted in 2009. As a milestone in the Comp Plan Update process & scope, the Interim Downtown Framework (IDF) provides an overview of existing land uses, current development patterns, plans/policies, and policy gaps. The IDF builds upon these existing policies and conditions to guide development downtown through new policy proposals related to the designation of retail streets, public realm improvements, and parking structure design.

CR-11208 from the Planning Commission recommends that this Comprehensive Plan amendment be approved.

4. TC-4-08 - Neighborhood Conservation Overlay District
This text change proposes to amend the Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations by revising the process for individual neighborhoods proposing to establish zoning and lot size regulations specific to their neighborhood. The ordinance proposes to eliminate the lengthy Comprehensive Plan element (creation and adoption of a Neighborhood Plan) from the process and replace this with a neighborhood built environmental characteristics analysis. Additionally, the ordinance proposes to include within the Zoning Code the previously adopted and future built environmental regulations specific to the individual neighborhoods.
CR-11209 from the Planning Commission recommends that this text change be approved, as revised.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Community Conversations II - 6/23/08 - 7PM

Community Conversations

Please join us for the second event in the Community Conversations series.

Monday, June 23, 2008
7:00-9:00 PM

Donovan Rypkema, Place Economics

Historic Preservation and Sustainable Development
Sustainable development is crucial to our future economic competitiveness, but it isn't just about green gadgets or carbon footprints. True sustainability is economic and cultural, as well as environmental. Don connects the dots between sustainable development, historic preservation, and economic feasibility.

All Saints Chapel
110 S. East Street, Raleigh

Continue the conversation with your friends and neighbors over coffee and dessert after the lecture.


Sponsored by the Raleigh Historic Districts Commission, in partnership with
Preservation North Carolina and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.