Wednesday, February 6, 2008


A new "coalition for stronger neighborhoods" has circulated the following update:
We urge you to email city council and ask that they not appoint a task force. Infill construction is NOT a major issue and the NCOD changes adequately address the issue.

Second, Community Scale, a vocal special interest group, is pushing for more laws, rules and regulations that will limit your property rights, your property values and choices regarding your home.

This group met last week with several council members, including Rodger Koopman, Nancy McFarlane, Russ Stephenson and Thomas Crowder. At the meeting they discussed forming a political action committee (PAC) and raising funds to push their agenda---including different ways to restrict your property rights--- and help elect politicians that support their cause.

It is important to keep the facts clear in this debate over infill issues. Our position is as follows:

Inappropriate infill construction IS a major issue and the NCOD changes do not address the issue.

Community Scale, a neighborhood advocacy group with over 280 adult supporters in Fallon Park/Anderson Heights/Bloomsbury area, is pushing for a study of whether these laws, rules and regulations protect ALL property rights, your property values and investment in your home.

This group met last week with 8 neighborhoods to gauge their concerns and focus their responses. Of the invited city council, 3 members came to listen, and answered questions. Meeting attendees mentioned their political action committee (PAC), as well as other strategies--including a Task Force to study ALL property rights---to support public policy that respects rights for ALL citizens.

We regret that the visitors to our meeting did not contribute to the facts of the discussion.