Monday, June 30, 2014

Community Alert: Write City Council Today


You’ve likely heard about the proposed SEVEN STORY building rezoning case on Hillsborough Street, it involves several lots where Two Guys is, next to the bowling alley.  City Council is taking a final vote this Tuesday.  If you’re concerned, as many are, then it’s important to send an email TODAY. Details are below.


Current Status:
  • On 6/17, City Council voted to approve the zoning (Stephenson, Crowder, McFarlane voted against it).
  • There is a second and final vote this Tuesday July 1. If one or more Councilors who previously voted for it, changes their vote, then the rezoning to 7 stories will fail.

Reasons not to approve:
  • The Comprehensive Plan is the vision for the City and states, because Hillsborough is a Core Transit area, a max of 5 stories are allowed.
  • Neighborhood preservation is one of the key principles of the Comprehensive Plan; Many years of work with planners with stakeholders (neighborhoods and businesses) have created a Comprehensive Plan to address development in Raleigh. Approving a seven story building in variance with these guidelines is not in alignment with this  policy.
  • If this vote approves a 7 story building, it sets a precedent. The Comprehensive Plan is early in its implementation. Future rezoning cases will point to this case and demand similar treatment. This makes having a Comprehensive Plan of questionable importance. 

  • Urge City Council to vote AGAINST 7 stories

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