Monday, May 7, 2012

ALERT: Raleigh Planning Commission / UDO meeting #10

Details for this meeting are posted at…

This meeting will be recorded and archived in the RTN Streaming Video library under “Other Government Meetings.”

The review of the UDO will begin immediately after the adjournment of the regular Planning Commission meeting. The "best guess" for a start time is 10 am. The agenda is limited to the following deferred items:
  • open space requirements for cluster developments, 
  • location of garages for residential buildings, 
  • transparency requirements for different building types, 
  • procedures for amending the master plans of Planned Develop districts, 
  • streetscape treatments for a Parking Limited frontage, 
  • and remapping process for existing conditional use zonings.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 8, 9:00 am to noon.

WHERE: 222 West Hargett Street, City Council Chamber

STAFF REPORT FOR MEETING: click here. (The staff report now lists the deferred items at the end of the report)

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