Tuesday, May 8, 2012

ACTION: UDO / Infill Compatibility Standards

Infill Compatibility Standards are being discussed in the Planning Commission this month.

Staff reports on cluster development, garage placement, and streetscape interpretations will be presented today after the adjournment of their 9 am meeting. (Staff Report HERE)

Planning staff and Commission Members need to near from you and your neighbors that you support Infill Compatibility Standards in the Unified Development Ordinance
  • Infill standards
  • Compatibility standards
  • Height Compatibility
  • Setback compatibility
  • Parking standards

A simple "I support Infill Compatibility Standards" email is all that is needed. Please try our link below.
Write the Planning Commission to let them know of your support.

If the above pre-addressed link does not work with your browser, you may use this email link.

You also can continue to submit comments to Christine Darges, Development Services Manager. Department of City Planning, City of Raleigh.
E-mail: Christine.Darges(at)raleighnc(dot)gov 

"We welcome growth and diversity through policies and programs that will protect, preserve and enhance Raleigh's existing neighborhoods, natural amenities, rich history, and cultural and human resources for future generations."
-- from City of Raleigh Mission Statement