Monday, June 8, 2009

Commitee of the Whole Meeting June 9 2009

The City of Raleigh posts this notice.

June 9, 2009 – Immediately following Planning
Room 201 – Municipal Building

The following items will be discussed in the order in which they
appear on this agenda, unless otherwise determined by the Chairman.

• CP-1-09 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan update existing System Plans as Plan Elements; add new Elements addressing Land Use, Environmental Protection, Urban Design, Arts and Culture, and Regional and Inter- jurisdictional Coordination; replace the Urban Form Map and related guidelines with a Future Land Use Map; and reduce the number of Area Plans from 67 to 21.

The Committee will be reviewing the Land Use element during this meeting. A number of area-specific future land use designation requests were made at or after the Public Hearing on March 19, 2009. The Committee will discuss the following listed requests; however, due to time constraints, not all requests may be discussed. The following itemized list contains a general location, reference number, draft land use designation for the parcel(s) in question and the requested land use designation. Items noted with an asterisk (*) are the subject of a pending rezoning petition.

1. Deferred Future Land Use Comments

A. South of Hillsborough Street; Concord St. to Dan Allen Dr. (PH-14) The Committee recommended that the identified parcels be designated Community Mixed Use at the April 21, 2009 Committee of the Whole meeting.

B. Hillsborough St. to Morgan St. west of St. Mary’s St. (PD-11) Draft designation on the Future Land Use Map is High Density Residential. Commenter requests that a portion be designated Central Business District.

C. Millbrook and Six Forks Intersection The Committee directed staff to re- evaluate the intersection.

2. Land Use Policies
A. Staff has drafted for consideration a policy addressing retail in the vicinity of freeway interchanges for inclusion in to Section A.11 “Retail Land Uses” of the Land Use Element.

3. Deferred/Site of Current Zoning Case

A. *East of I-440, south of Lake Boone Tr. (PH-18.2) Draft designation on the Future Land Use Map is Moderate Density Residential and Public Parks and Open Space. Commenter requests a change to Office & Residential Mixed Use and Public Parks and Open Space.

B. *Millbrook Rd. and Creedmoor Rd. (LT-011) Draft designation on the Future Land Use Map is Office & Residential Mixed Use. Commenter requests a change to Neighborhood Mixed Use.

C. *World Trade Blvd. south of Globe Rd. (LT-013.5; PH-13) Draft designation on the Future Land Use Map is Business Commercial Services. Commenter requests a change to Office/Research & Development.

Pending Items Not Scheduled for Discussion:
• Z-4-09 Buffaloe Road, north side, west of I-540. 48.08 acres is requested to be rezoned from Conservation Management (CM) & Manufactured Housing (MH) to Conservation Management, Residential-10 CUD & Neighborhood Business CUD.