Monday, June 11, 2007

City Council Meeting June 5th, 1:00 pm

Notes from the meeting follow. Please note that the City Council needs to hear from people in the neighborhoods to get a sense of the level of concern about infill. The links to City Council addresses are embedded in the previous post, or are available at the link to the City website below.

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ITEM: Motion from the Comprehensive Planning Committee (CPC) to hire a consultant for Planning Department to address infill issues

The City Council voted on this item. The motion from the Comprehensive Planning Committee (CPC) to hire a consultant to address infill issues failed. The video is available on RTN, you can watch it below.

This motion has been brought to CC twice and failed twice. This time, Councilor Kekas voted for it in CPC but voted against it in the CC meeting. Meeker, Stephenson, and Councilor Taliaffero also noted that the discussion about an infill consultant came out of her district but said that there are also many people who are opposed to infill standards.

The council did vote to add a permament staff member to address text changes and infill, but it is understood that a consultant could have addressed in 6 months while it will be a year before a new staff member is up and running and can do the job.

To watch this meeting, go to this link, and once the streaming video is up from today's meeting, you can go to the drop down menu and click on the Comprehensive Planning Committee's (CPC) report. Meeting started at 1 and that item came up about 1:50. Thomas Crowder chairs CPC so he will be talking at start of this segment.

Watch the proceedings here

The next item was planning commission nominations. With Betsy Kane is resigning there are 3 vacancies. The Mayor asked for other nominees by Friday and that he wants a vote taken in 2 weeks.

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