Monday, June 4, 2007

Action ALERT: City Council Meeting -- June 5

This Tuesday, June 5 the City Council will meet. One item we wish to support is the CPC (Comprehensive Planning Committee) recommendation on May 23 to request the city fund the hiring of a consultant to address the infill/refill issues in our neighborhoods across the city. Please be a part of this important meeting by contacting the City Council if you cannot be at this meeting.

1:00 P.M. AND 7:00 P.M., TUESDAY
JUNE 5, 2007

Support Mitch Silver's Recommendation to Hire a Consultant to Develop New Infill Regulations

At the May 1st City Council meeting, the Council rejected Mitch Silver's recommendation to bring in a consultant to expedite the work on new infill regulations for the City of Raleigh. He felt infill was a growing and very complex problem that needed immediate attention. As we all know, any work on neighborhood plans have been postponed for nearly 2 years until the staff completes its work on the new Comprehensive Plan, yet infill projects continue and have no similar constraints. If a consultant isn't used, Mitch expects the work will be delayed 6 to 12 months. The minutes from the discussion at the Council meeting are provided below.

At the May 15 meeting of the City Council, Russ Stephenson reiterated the urgency of doing something about infill and suggested an interim solution that would focus on building height. The item was referred to the Comprehensive Planning Committee (CPC). After further discussion at the CPC meeting on May 23, the Committee voted 3 - 1 to recommend the funding of a consultant to complete the entire project within six months. This recommendation will be an item on the City council's June 5 agenda.

This is an opportune time to make a statement about infill. Although infill primarily affects the older downtown neighborhoods at this time, I am sure the effects will be felt further out as the amount of undeveloped land diminishes and the popularity of the downtown business district increases. If something isn't done soon, the character of many of our neighborhoods will be badly damaged and the availability of reasonably priced housing will be further diminished.

If you feel infill standards are an important issue, please consider contacting City Council and urge other members of your group to do the same.

Charles Meeker
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The minutes of the May 15 meeting can be found in our post dated June 1.

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