Friday, September 27, 2019

This Week/Next Week at City Hall -- September 30, 2019

This Week/Next Week at City Hall – September 30, 2019

This is only a partial listing.  Go to to find links to latest meeting agendas and materials and also for updates on meeting cancellations.

All meetings are held at Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 West Hargett Street, unless otherwise noted.


Residential Infill Development Study Survey

Take the survey at

Deadline is September 30.


Early Voting now through October 4


Capital Blvd. North Community Assets Survey
Deadline is October 21


Tuesday, 10/1
  • 11am – Raleigh Transit Authority Route Committee

  • 1pm – City Council, agenda includes
    • TC-11-19: Shopping Centers
    • Rezoning Z-19-19: S West Street. The block adjacent to Raleigh Union Station bounded by Hargett, West, and Martin Streets, two blocks directly west of Nash Square (Central CAC).
    • TCZ-1-19 - 5001 Spring Forest Road
    • Nutrient Loading/Banks/Discharge Levels
    • Property Taxes - Resolution Adjusting, Rebating, or Refunding Penalties, Exemptions, and Relieving Interest for Late Listing

  • 4pm – RHDC Community Awareness Committee

  • 7pm – City Council, agenda includes
    • Sidewalk Installation - Rawls Drive
    • Petition Annexation
    • Rezoning Z-13-19, near the intersection of Louisburg Road and Leland Drive.
    • Rezoning Z-15-19: Six Forks Road and Industrial Drive, at the northeast corner of the intersection (Atlantic CAC)
    • 2030 Comprehensive Plan Update: CP-2(E)-19 Growing Successful Neighborhoods & Communities
    • Comprehensive Plan Amendment CP-5-19: Ponderosa Service Road
    • Comprehensive Plan Amendment CP-8-19: Brier Creek Parkway
    • Comprehensive Plan Amendment CP-9-19: Deboy Street

Wednesday, 10/2
  • 7:45am – RHDC Research Committee

  • 3:30pm – Raleigh Transit Authority Finance and Policy Committee

  • 5:30pm – Sir Walter Raleigh Awards, Raleigh Union Station, 510 W. Martin Street

Thursday, 10/3

  • 12n – Raleigh Transit Authority Marketing Committee

  • 3pm – Stormwater Management Advisory Commission

  • 4:30pm – Art, Education, and Collections Committee

  • 4:30pm – Appearance Commission

  • 5:30pm – Walnut Terrace Open House, 1256 McCauley Street

  • 5:30pm – Meet the finalists in the Running to Lead Raleigh’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Resources

  • 6:30pm – Parks Committee

Saturday, 10/5

  • 2 – 6pm – Raleigh Tamale Festival, Dix Park Flowers Field, 2105 Umstead Drive