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This Week/Next Week at City Hall -- July 24, 2017

This Week/Next Week at City Hall – July 24, 2017

Community SCALE wants you to be aware of what’s happened/what’s coming up at City Hall each week.  

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Here are some of the events planned for the coming weeks.  It’s always helpful to have community members attend to show interest in these topics, ask questions, etc.  If you plan to attend any of these meetings, we’ll be glad to include your meeting summary in future articles.

Week of July 24 – what’s coming up

NOTE – Many CAC meetings currently are featuring presentations on Police Body Camera Use

Monday, 7/24

Tuesday, 7/25

Thursday, 7/27

Week of July 17 – what happened
  • 7/17 Stormwater Stakeholder Meeting – staff reported that the office has NOT been deluged with requests from builders to exceed impervious surface limits set by the text change adopted 11-27-16, which limits the amount of impervious surface that can be added to an existing house.  The text change sets a threshold percent of maximum impervious surface per lot, ranging from 20% for R-1 lots up to 51% for R-10 lots.  Builders may add any amount of impervious surface up to these thresholds without needing to install storm water controls.  Beyond these thresholds, builders can build more than 400 additional square feet of impervious surface only if they also include in the design appropriate storm water control "devices" that keep the storm water amount from that property the same as it was before the addition.  The office created an online tool that builders can use to estimate at the BEGINNING of the design process whether the design is compliant with these thresholds or not.  The builders really like this tool, too, and they're using it. 

  • 7/21 – Candidate filing for October 10th Raleigh City Council Elections closed – make sure you’re registered to vote!

 Week of July 10 – what happened
  • 7/11 Comprehensive Plan meeting on Sustainability – focus was on Environmental Stewardship, Economic Strength and Social Integrity.  The division is doing some innovative things to clean water and to better manage solid material in the process of cleaning water to go back into the Neuse River to become another town’s drinking water.  Issues brought forward from the audience included a city wide composting program for kitchen scraps, improved recycling collection in townhouse/apartment complexes, recycling in schools, solar incentives for new home builders, and the textile recycling program.

All meetings at Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 West Hargett Street, unless otherwise noted.  

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