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This Week/Next Week at City Hall -- June 19, 2017

This Week/Next Week at City Hall
June 19, 2017

Community SCALE wants you to be aware of what’s happened/what’s coming up at City Hall each week.  

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Week of June 19
Here are some of the events planned for the coming week.  It’s always helpful to have community members attend to show interest in these topics, ask questions, etc.  If you plan to attend any of these meetings, we’ll be glad to include your meeting summary in future articles.

Saturday, 6/17
  • 8:30am – DDNA – Thomas G. Crowder Woodland Center, 5611 Jaguar Park Drive:  Noah Otto, the City's Right-of-Way Manager in Development Engineering Division, will lead a discussion on small cell towers. Councilor Crowder will give a general update.

Tuesday, 6/20
  • 9am – Text Change Committee, Room 303 – Agenda includes
    • TC-04-17 – Green Infrastructure Low Impact Development
    • TC-12-17 – Historic Alley Transition
  • 11:30am – City Council Work Session – beginning June 20, the City is switching to paperless agendas
  • 1pm – City Council meeting – beginning June 20, the City is switching to paperless agendas
  • 7pm – Comprehensive Plan Update – Marsh Creek Community Center, 3050 N. New Hope Road:  Theme is Development Transitions – as many people continue to move to the region and as interest grows in walkable urban living, Raleigh is beginning to grow up as much as it grows out
  • 7pm – North CAC – Abbott Creek Community Center, 9950 Durant Road

Wednesday, 6/21
  • 7pm – RCAC
  • 7pm – Falls of Neuse Area Plan Community Workshop, Durant Road Middle School, 10401 Durant Road:  Aimed at exploring different development scenarios.  For more information contact or 919-996-2657
    • 12n – COR Museum, 220 Fayetteville Street:  Robin Moore on Biophilic Design – Making Raleigh a Healthy Habitat for Human Development
    • 6pm – NC Museum of Natural Science, 11 W. Jones Street:  Florence Williams on Your Brain on Nature – Awe, Biophilia, and Power of our Nature Neurons

Thursday, 6/22

Week of June 12
June 14 Comprehensive Plan Update meeting on Housing – Terry Snyder reports:  I attended the Comprehensive Plan Update meeting on Housing.  There was an excellent turnout of residents, many from southeast Raleigh. The only politicians present that I was aware of were Yvonne Holley and Olen Watson.  Both of them were vocal during the Question and Answer Session.  Both city staff and the audience were very engaged.

The main focus of the discussion was on affordable housing for residents.  East Raleigh is experiencing the impact of the market trend to live close to downtown.  The big problem is that we can't control market growth and state law limits what cities can do.  A number of initiatives are in place to provide more affordable housing addressed by the RCP.  Yvonne Holley said that there is no money coming down the pike from the federal government under the current administration. 

Some issues that were brought up by the audience were problems with slum landlords, dirty water in one neighborhood, builders preying on older residents to sell under market value, gentrification, building "huge plantation houses in black neighborhoods,” etc.  

People in the audience requested that notification for meetings be posted ahead of time and in more visible ways.  Both the audience (residents) and city staff agreed that more meetings between them were needed to better address issues related to the impact of growth and development.  

All meetings at Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 West Hargett Street, unless otherwise noted.  

Go to to find links to latest meeting agendas and materials and also for updates on meeting cancellations.