Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Community Alert for Raleigh Homeowners

Community ALERT: NCGA posed to repeal law that protects homeowners rights. 

We have organized this petition drive to facilitate a fast response from the community. Please sign and share this with your neighbors and friends today. Because the NC legislature is tagging laws of considerable importance onto other bills, it is difficult to track this legislation by bill number. It is being considered in multiple forms today. 

What action is needed:

Please sign this petition to ask the NC Legislature to protect your rights as a homeowner and NOT to repeal the “Protest Petition” law.

The Legislature is trying to finish their session this week so please sign and share with your contacts asap.

Why is this important:

If the Protest Petition option is repealed, homeowners will have no recourse to protect their own property rights from the potential negative impacts of new development. 

Every development proposal creates some community impacts such as more traffic, noise, stormwater runoff and so forth. A Protest Petition acknowledges that adjacent property owners are almost always impacted the most, and therefore should receive added protection. Although Protest Petitions are seldom used, their repeal will make it harder to promote quality growth that also protects property owners rights in existing neighborhoods.

The Protest Petitions law, started in 1923, was designed to give homeowners a voice when new developments that require rezoning are planned adjacent to their properties. The Protest Petition is composed of the signatures of people who own at least 5 percent of a 100-foot buffer around the proposed development. When such a valid Protest Petition is filed, the proposed project requires approval of three quarters of the local board (City Council, Town Council). 


It is also helpful to contact your representatives in the legislature to let them know of your concerns. Peasae act today in as many ways as possible.