Friday, January 23, 2009

RCC Comprehensive Planning Committee meeting 1/28 - 9am

According to the agenda, the following items are pending in Committee -- items that are shown in bold print will be discussed during the meeting. The other items are still hanging on for the ride.


The Comprehensive Planning Committee will meet on Wednesday, January 28, 2009 at 9:00 a.m.

Location: Room 201, City Council Chambers, Raleigh Municipal Building, 222 West Hargett Street, Avery C. Upchurch Government Complex, Raleigh, North Carolina. For information call 966-3040 (City Clerk’s office) or 516-2626 (Planning Department).

All the following items are pending in Committee; however, only those items that are shown in bold print will be discussed during this meeting.

03-29 Development Standards - Fragile Neighborhoods (6/1/04)
05-42 Sustainable Urban Landscapes and Hillsides (11/21/06)
07-02 TC-5-07 – O&I Districts/FAR/Density Limitations (12/4/07)
07-03 Text Change – Prohibit Industrial Facilities in Residential Areas (12/4/07)
07-10 Tree Conservation Ordinance – Proposed Text Changes (1/22/08); Tree Survey (9/2/08)
07-15 TC-1-08 – Building Lot Coverage Within O&I Districts (4/1/08)
07-40 Sedimentation Control Program – Proposed Text Change (11/8/08)
I. 07-41 TC-17-08 – Pawn Shops (12/2/08)
07-42 Chavis Park Carousel (12/2/08)
II. 07-44 Thoroughfare Plan – Crabtree Valley Extension (1/6/09)

The following items were referred from the January 22, 2009 City Council meeting:

III. 07-45 SP-53-08 – Rock Quarry Plaza (1/22/09)

***Council Chamber is Assistive Listening System equipped. Deaf and hearing impaired individuals needing interpreter services should provide 48-hour notice by calling 996-3100 (voice) or 996-3107 (TDD).***